WATCH: SF Pride Parade Ends In Disaster As Brutal Bikini Brawl Erupts In Street

The San Francisco Pride Festival ended in disaster when a brawl erupted in the street. More than a dozen barely-clothed women brutally fought, slamming each others’ heads into the pavement and shouting expletives. The incident was captured on video by a stunned festivalgoer who happened to be standing nearby.

According to Breitbart, more than a dozen women brutally fought at San Francisco’s Pride Festival on Sunday. Video of the incident, which was captured by a horrified onlooker, went viral.

So, what could such a flamboyant group of “tolerant” and “accepting” individuals have been fighting over? Apparently, the dispute resulted when the women disagreed about a singer’s performance. One festival attendee asked another if performing artist Kehlani was still on stage, and the fight erupted moments later.

“I guess one girl asked the other girl if Kehlani was performing. And I guess the other girl said, ‘Yeah, she is,’ but I guess she said it very rudely or angrily and called her a bitch,” recounted Navdeep Thind, a student at Diablo Valley College who captured the video and posted it to his Twitter account. “That triggered the other girl to say something like, ‘Did you just call me a bitch?’ And that started their argument.”

Before long, several women began screaming, kicking one other, and slamming each other’s heads into the pavement. None of the women were properly clothed, as it isn’t popular to maintain any sort of modesty during Pride, so breasts went flying and butt cracks were exposed in the altercation — not that any of the girls seemed to care.

A simple question about Kehlani’s set time apparently turned into a sprawling and violent street fight among at least a dozen people during San Francisco’s Pride Festival, according to a video of the altercation and a witness.

Navdeep Thind, a student at Diablo Valley College, said he was vlogging around 1 p.m. on Sunday near where Kehlani was supposed to perform at Civic Center, when he noticed a crowd of people gathered around a group of women. The women were kicking each other, banging others’ heads into the cement, and screaming.

“It got kind of brutal,” he said. “People were saying it was like some WWE stuff, and it really was. You saw some heads hitting the cement.”

Thind posted the video later that evening to his personal Twitter account. Within hours it went viral. As of Monday evening, it had received more than 5,529 retweets and 9,269 likes. [Source: SF Gate]

Thind said that the fight went on for about seven minutes before he saw officials separate the women and escort them away from the area. The San Francisco Police Department said no arrests were made and had no comment on the incident. According to Thind, a few people tried to stop the fight but their efforts were fruitless.

“It was like a rumble,” he said. “Like things you see in the movies. It was very intense in person.”


It’s not clear whether the fight was possibly a reaction to Kehlani’s set being cut short, but the Oakland singer shared her frustrations after she was stopped halfway through her performance due to the show’s late start and the city’s curfew laws.

“San Francisco Pride has been rude all day,” she wrote on Twitter. “Didn’t expect any of this. Don’t want to cause a situation because I really care about this community but stay away from Pride if your heart isn’t in it. San Francisco deserved better today. & the cops are out fully strapped…get.home. safe.”

On social media, people voiced their anger at the women fighting on a day that was supposed to “free of hate.” Thind said, “Pride has the whole message of peace and equality, so you wouldn’t have expected that. It was ironic for the fight to be there.”

Once again, we are faced with sobering evidence that radical leftists are no more “accepting” or “tolerant” than your average jungle ape. These people are animals. They can’t even convey which artist is performing without erupting in violence.

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